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International Collegiate Competitions

  • April 8-14 - International Dancesport Festival (Osmington Bay, England)

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  • United States - Spring 2001

    January 27 - Boston University Dance Camp

    February 3 - Bates College (Maine) CANCELED

    February 10 - YCN Stardust Dancesport Championship (Princeton/UPenn/UDel)

    February 10 - Holy Cross (MA)

    February 18 - Case Western Reserve University

    February 24 - Yale University

    February 24 - University of Michigan

    March 2-5 - University of California at San Diego

    March 3-4 - Harvard University

    March 9-10 - Scotch Ball (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA)

    March 17-18 - Manhattan Amateur Classic

    March 24 - Notre Dame University

    March 24 - New York State Collegiate Championships (RPI)

    March 31 - Cornell University CANCELED

    April 6-7 - Ohio State University

    April 7 - Rutgers University

    April 7 - Binghamton University

    April 7 (Updated Date)- Triangle Invitational (UNC/NCState)

    April 8-14 - International Dancesport Festival (Osmington Bay, England)

    April 13-15 - San Francisco Open

    April 20-22 - DC Dance Inferno

    April 28-29 - MIT Dancesport Competition

    April 28 - Stanford University

    United States - Summer 2001

    United States - Fall 2001

    October 13 - Bates College's Veterans Comp (New England)

    October 20 - Cornell University

    October 27 - Dancing Illini Invitational

    October 27 - Harvard Beginner's Competition

    November 2-4 - DC Dancesport Inferno

    November 11 - Brown University

    November 30 - December 2 - Pacific Dancesport Festival

    December 1 - Yale University

    United States - Spring 2002

    January 26-27 - Manhattan Amateur Classic (Northeast Regional Championships)

    February 2 - Holy Cross University (Western MA)

    February 16 - UC Berkeley

    February 16-17 - Harvard Invitational

    April 6 - RPI (Eastern NY)

    April 13-14 - MIT

    April 27 - Rutgers University (NJ)

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    So, this page was created for the purpose of publicizing information about collegiate competitions around the world. I am actively searching for any information to keep this page accurate and up to date. I have chosen to limit this page to all competitions that include collegians, whether through separate competitive divisions, reduced collegiate rates, and/or collegiate team matches. (yes, that's probably most of them, but I hope that it will also encourage others to open their competitions to collegians). In addition to information about the competitions, I have also added results to the page.

    There is also an archive version of this page containing old information so that it is not lost.

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